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Regulate Your Vehicle With E-Rickshaw Batteries

E-rickshaws are one of the most preferred modes of transportation and are available for public use in most places. The popularity of the e-rickshaw is due to its sustainability and comfort. Its external frame and internal hardware make it a safe and convenient choice. 

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Advanced Operational Framework

The battery management system is an aspect that requires your close eye. Most batteries in the market use a Passive Balancing Battery Management System. Contrary to general practice, our batteries have an Active Balancing BMS. It enables our batteries to operate at their utmost capacity, making our lithium battery e-rickshaw a better alternative.

Active Balancing System

Active Balancing BMS present in our e-rickshaw lithium battery makes it less susceptible to undercharging and overcharging. With the same, our battery operates at the utmost capacity for a longer duration. It also reduces the risk of unintended outcomes and hazards while operating the battery. 

Benefits of Active Balancing System

Here are some of the benefits of active balancing system:-

  • It enhances the performance of batteries. 
  • This operational paradigm makes batteries more energy efficient. 
  • This mode of balancing maintains equilibrium in batteries. 
  • Batteries with Active Balancing System are less prone to thermal runways. 
  • It provides a more even distribution of energy in battery backs.

Different Electric Rickshaw
Batteries Available

We offer our valued clients a wide range of options with distinct voltage capacities and ampere hour readings depending on their requirements. Following are the e-Rickshaw batteries available for our clients:-

Best Practices That Maintain the LifeSpan of Your Battery

Here are the general practices you should employ to maintain the health of your e-rickshaw battery:- 


Lithium-ion battery e-rickshaw suffers from dust and debris during the application. Despite the battery remaining under the cover, below the driver seat, dust accumulates over the surface. One cannot avoid the susceptibility to dust accumulation while driving but can take the required precautions while storing the battery. Storing the battery in a cool and dry place enables the recipient to maintain its status quo and allows it to function to its utmost capacity.


Cleaning the battery periodically enables the recipient to maintain its functionality and remove unwanted particles from the surface. This allows the battery to remain intact and function to its utmost capacity.

Professional Help with Technical Issues

If you face any technical issues while operating a li-ion battery for e-rickshaw, you must consult esteemed professionals to have the aspired solutions. With the same, you get resolution for prevailing issues at your earliest convenience and pragmatic advice to avoid the issues in future. It also allows you to avoid damage to the other parts that may occur if you try repairing it by yourself.

Why Choose Likraft for E-Rickshaw Lithium Ion Battery?

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Hence, you will receive an e-rickshaw battery 3 years warranty. We provide our valued clients with a product that enables them to have the aspired results from using them. The warrantied product shows our determination and commitment. It also provides an insight into the post-sales service we provide to our valued clients. 

If you are searching for the best e-rickshaw battery in India, we are the best choice for you. We are a trustworthy brand that has a customer base in India and beyond. Our cranking-efficient batteries enable drivers to smoothly drive their vehicles on challenging roads and conditions. 

We have maintained higher safety orders in our batteries, enabling us to become a sensible choice for our valued customers. With the same, our e-rickshaw batteries are less likely to catch fire or cause a catastrophe or accident. 

Our e-rickshaw batteries are not difficult to maintain and have an internal and external frame that requires low maintenance. With the same, you have a battery that you can use without additional trouble. So, connect with us to power your e-rickshaw with the best batteries.


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