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Maximize Solar Energy Capacity With Likraft's Lithium-Ion Solar Battery

The lithium-ion solar battery is an unconventional source that has gained the preference of the masses due to its reliability and viability. These offer people a better experience as a battery choice for a dignified area. Solar batteries are a cost-effective choice to power and facilitate clean and green energy that does not cause any harm to the environment. We offer our valued customers a wide range of top-notch products to make a selection. 

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What Makes Our Lithium-Ion Solar Battery Packs Unique

We employ whimsically innovative techniques to enhance the performance of our batteries and facilitate our valued clients with better products that can deliver them an unparalleled experience. We employ a more advanced Active Balancing Battery Management System that makes us better than several brands in the market, facilitating lithium-ion solar battery packs. It gives our batteries higher efficiency, making our products a better choice and more reliable product. 

We are not satisfied by mediocrity and wish to provide our valued clients with excellent products and the potential to facilitate an unmatched experience. We employ the best practices and facilitate our clients with a wide range of products with qualities beyond comprehension. Active Balancing Battery Management System is the index of the quality we maintain in our solar products. The following are the advantages of an active balancing battery management system that enables us to superimpose other brands in the market:-

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  • It enables our solar batteries to alleviate energy imbalances during charging and discharging cycles. It creates a more profound energy distribution that creates a barrier against overcharging and undercharging single battery cells. With the same, the battery performance, durability, and lifespan increase significantly. 
  • This balancing mode provides better energy efficiency, enabling individual cells to operate at their ultimate capacity, which maximizes the system’s effectiveness. With the same, you receive a higher range of uninterrupted journeys. 
  • It also facilitates a safer experience by maintaining the required balance, preventing the batteries from degradation, overheating, and potential safety hazards. We are determined to facilitate a safe product for our valued clients and conduct required auditings to eradicate the asymmetries present in our products. With the same, it makes our product exemplary and remarkable.

Different Lithium-Ion Batteries for Solar Panels

These are some of the Lithium-ion batteries for solar panels we provide to our valued clients:-

We Are Well-Regulated Solar Battery Manufacturers

With our commitment to consumer satisfaction, we facilitate a product that is better than the ones usually available in the market. As a solar battery manufacturer, we do not make any compromise with the quality to facilitate high-end efficacy. Following are the attributes of our products that make them a compelling option:-

Advanced Capacity: Capacity is one of the decisive factors used to determine the viability of a battery. Our solar batteries can store a lot of energy, enabling them to function longer than other options. With the same, you can have a higher duration of uninterrupted functioning of the batteries. 

Power: Power is an essential aspect of a battery and provides information regarding how much electricity a battery can supply. We offer more profound and high-power batteries that can deliver you an unmatched experience. With the same, you can rely on the batteries to have a durable power supply. 

Depth of Discharge: Our solar batteries are manufactured to deliver a higher perpetuation, enabling them to have a reverse capacity to parasitic draining.

Battery Life: We offer higher lifespans, making them a reliable and highly viable option for our valued customers.

Ways to Maintaining the Life of

A Solar Lithium Battery for a Longer Run

Here are some of the measures you should take to ensure your solar lithium battery remains operable for longer timespan:-


Keep Your Battery in a Cool and Dry Place

Batteries may get affected due to being subject to water inappropriately. Keeping them in a partially isolated condition ensures they remain operable for longer. 

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Regular Examination and Cleaning

Batteries get subjected to dust and debris, which further affects their functionality. Regular cleaning of batteries ensures they can function seamlessly. Cleaning the batteries requires gentle handling to avoid any damage to the contacts.

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Go for Professional Help for Periodic Maintenance

We support our valued customers’ technical issues while handling their Likraft batteries. With their expertise and experience, our esteemed professionals can provide you with the resolution required to ensure seamless functioning.

Why Go for Likraft's Lithium-Ion Solar Batteries?

We offer a range of lithium-ion solar batteries, including 3.7V 2.5Ah, 12.8v 100Ah Tall, 12.8V 96Ah Bed, 12.8V 18Ah FLAT, and 12.8V 12Ah FLAT. These are a unique blend of innovation, efficiency, and safety, making them a better choice for our valued clients. You can choose the one that suits your specific requirements. Our unique blend of advanced technology with sustainability has enabled us to facilitate you with products of optimal quality. 

Whatever your needs, our lithium-ion solar batteries can provide the outcomes that you aspire to. You will have an elevated experience by using our products. Our well-regulated panel lets you explore its distinct sections to find the best-suited one. When channeling unconventional energy, selecting reliable equipment should be your top priority. We deliver high-end quality that you can scrutinize through our consumer reviews. 

We wish to be inclusive; hence, we have maintained a reasonable price for our products. With us, you do not need to make compromises due to differences in the budget for a piece of equipment. Our rational pricing can be seen through the distinct varieties of products we provide through our panel. So, get a quote for the best quality products with a pocket-friendly option.


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