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Comprehensive Guide: Types of Lithium batteries & How to Choose the Right one

Awareness regarding a sustainable future has led to the proliferation of the demand for electric vehicles. The market trend also influenced end-user behavior. The popularity of electric vehicles initiated inventive introductions in the foremost electric vehicle component, battery.  Lithium e rickshaw battery is the most popular battery available in the market. There are multiple varieties […]
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Trends and Innovations in Lithium-ion Battery Technology for Electric Rickshaw

Electric vehicle batteries have gained widespread acceptance and prominence post-pandemic. However, they have been around since the 1900s. Over the years, innovations have reshaped electric vehicle batteries and turned them into a better alternative that we use today.  EV batteries are the first and foremost component of electric vehicles. In today’s market, lead-acid batteries and […]
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Maximize Your Electric Rikshaw’s Battery Life: The Ultimate Charging Guide

E-rickshaw is a viable mode of transportation due to comfortable rides, environmental friendliness, and economical rate. An e rickshaw battery provides the required power for the e-rickshaw to function flawlessly. Hence, it becomes imperative for a person to check the functionality of the battery and ensure seamless functionality.  With proper maintenance, the battery remains intact […]
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