Maximize Your Electric Rikshaw’s Battery Life: The Ultimate Charging Guide

E-Rickshaw Battery

Maximize Your Electric Rikshaw’s Battery Life: The Ultimate Charging Guide

E-rickshaw is a viable mode of transportation due to comfortable rides, environmental friendliness, and economical rate. An e rickshaw battery provides the required power for the e-rickshaw to function flawlessly. Hence, it becomes imperative for a person to check the functionality of the battery and ensure seamless functionality. 

With proper maintenance, the battery remains intact for a longer duration and performs optimally. A battery recipient must have an understanding of the battery to take the best possible initiatives and preventive measures. The same also enables the recipient to handle the battery efficiently and without additional trouble. In this blog, we will discuss things an e-rickshaw owner must know and the most suited practices to maintain their operable conditions. 

Things You Must Know About E-Rickshaw Batteries

Here are some things you must know about e-rickshaw batteries:-

  • Ampere Hour (Ah) Rating: It signifies the amount of current a battery can deliver over the specified period. The battery’s higher Ah rating signifies it has more power to offer. A battery with a higher Ah rating offers more uninterrupted journeys and makes things more prolific and efficient. Some of the most common Ah ratings for lithium-ion batteries are 75Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah, etc. 
  • Lithium-ion Battery Chemistry: Lithium-ion batteries are more efficient and offer better battery performance. These are generally available in three variants, namely Lithium cobalt oxide (LCO), Lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide (NMC), and Lithium iron phosphate. All three batteries have their pros and cons, and a person must weigh the same carefully to have the desired outcomes from their application. Other than that, a person must keep the specifications of the batteries and their specific functionalities to have the best results. 
  • Charging Time and Charging Cycles: These are the factors that hold the utmost importance and provide insight into various aspects of the battery. The most important information one gathers from these two points is the lifespan and the battery performance. One can map these aspects regarding battery life by conducting an assessment of notable features like the battery’s timing and capacity. If the battery is taking longer to charge and offers a lower cycle life, it is losing its edge and requires a replacement. 
  • Maintenance and Care Guidelines: General tips for battery maintenance are imprinted over them, and battery recipients must adhere to them for the best experience. With the same, they ensure battery operation to its utmost capacity and avoid susceptibility to unintended outcomes and thermal runaways. 

Best Practices for the Durability of E-Rickshaw Batteries

The following are standard approaches to battery maintenance to ensure that the battery operates optimally throughout its shelf life:-

  • Regular Charging of Battery: Regular charging of the battery is considered a standard method to ensure its seamless functionality. Prolonged negligence to the same drops the battery’s capacity by a significant fraction. Regular charging of the battery also provides the recipients with the level of comfort they aspire for and keeps the battery’s health intact, ensuring seamless functionality for a while.  
  • Keeping the Battery in Place With Appropriate Temperature: Storing the battery at a moderate temperature is a safety measure one should take to decrease the susceptibility to catching fire. Yes, extreme temperatures may cause thermal runaway in batteries or may trigger any chemical reaction that affects the battery’s functionality. You must insulate the battery if you are in an area with extreme temperatures. 
  • Maintain Cleanliness and Dryness: The battery should be regularly inspected to detect any dirt, dust, or moisture buildup. Keeping the battery clean and dry protects it from corrosion or damage and keeps the terminals intact. With a clean and dry cloth, one can remove excessive water or abrasive material from the battery. 
  • Check your Battery’s Health Regularly: Regular inspection of the battery allows you to detect existing issues or potential hazards that may proceed further. With the same, you can take the required initiatives to eradicate these abnormalities. 

Concluding Remarks

E-rickshaw has emerged as a game changer and is the most promising automobile prospect for a sustainable future. The same has contributed to the rising demand for lithium batteries for e-rickshaws. With an in-depth understanding of the different facets of the battery, one can use them appropriately. It is centrally pivotal to take ironclad measures to maintain the functionality of these batteries. With proper maintenance, the status quo of the battery remains intact and delivers the best possible outcomes. If you are looking for a lithium-ion battery for an e-rickshaw, Likraft is the best platform you can find.