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The Sustainability of Lithium Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles

We use vehicles daily to commute from one place to another. Public transport and self-owned vehicles operating in traditional modules of fuel-based I.C. engines emit harmful by-products, inlaying grave predicaments for the environment. Road transport alone contributes to a significant figure of 12% of urban air pollution. Hence, individuals must act more responsibly to ensure […]
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e bike

Electric Vehicles and Batteries: Driving the Future of Transportation

Electric vehicles are century-appropriate vehicle advancements that have gained the masses’ acceptance. Their portability and economical rates have made them the most preferred mode of transportation. It has forced industry leaders and enterprises to ensure an abundance of options, such as electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers.  It is deciphered that India’s electric vehicle sales will increase […]
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2 Wheeler Battery

7 Reasons Why Lithium Batteries Are Key To a Sustainable Future

The behavior of the masses has changed towards environment-friendly and sustainable products. The rise in demand for sustainable products compelled major automobile brands to make the required adjustments for the rising demand. Two wheeler lithium battery is a sustainable product that has made a significant place in the market.   The high demand for lithium batteries […]
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Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium Ion Battery: What You Need to Know?

A lithium-ion battery utilizes lithium-ions as the primary charge carrier and is a rechargeable battery. Their ability to offer a long cycle life gives them applicability to various automobiles. Their low self-discharge provides them with another significant quality over other rechargeable batteries.  Their optimal power and capacity make them a sensible choice for electric two-wheelers. […]
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Future Trends in EV Two-Wheeler Battery Technology

The Indian public prefers the two-wheelers as their primary option for travel in urban and rural areas. Electric two-wheelers are also grasping the market by gaining the preference of people. The trend for environment-friendly and sustainable products has created a demand for E bike batteries. They have become a more suitable option for people. The […]
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