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E-Rickshaw Battery

Maximize Your Electric Rikshaw’s Battery Life: The Ultimate Charging Guide

E-rickshaw is a viable mode of transportation due to comfortable rides, environmental friendliness, and economical rate. An e rickshaw battery provides the required power for the e-rickshaw to function flawlessly. Hence, it becomes imperative for a person to check the functionality of the battery and ensure seamless functionality.  With proper maintenance, the battery remains intact […]
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Electric Rikshaw

The Advantages of Using Lithium Battery for Three-Wheeler Vehicles

E-rickshaws have gained the preference of people since its introduction in 2011. We can observe a cluster of e-rickshaws transiting people during office hours, post-office hours, leisure, etc. E-rickshaws operate on lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, making them a better alternative for a sustainable future.  E-rickshaws offer equal comfort during the journey as regular three-wheelers and are […]
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2 Wheeler Battery

7 Reasons Why Lithium Batteries Are Key To a Sustainable Future

The behavior of the masses has changed towards environment-friendly and sustainable products. The rise in demand for sustainable products compelled major automobile brands to make the required adjustments for the rising demand. Two wheeler lithium battery is a sustainable product that has made a significant place in the market.   The high demand for lithium batteries […]
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Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium Ion Battery: What You Need to Know?

A lithium-ion battery utilizes lithium-ions as the primary charge carrier and is a rechargeable battery. Their ability to offer a long cycle life gives them applicability to various automobiles. Their low self-discharge provides them with another significant quality over other rechargeable batteries.  Their optimal power and capacity make them a sensible choice for electric two-wheelers. […]
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Future Trends in EV Two-Wheeler Battery Technology

The Indian public prefers the two-wheelers as their primary option for travel in urban and rural areas. Electric two-wheelers are also grasping the market by gaining the preference of people. The trend for environment-friendly and sustainable products has created a demand for E bike batteries. They have become a more suitable option for people. The […]
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